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Rovy Well Fundraising Project

Help Kenyan high schoolers get clean water!

Can you imagine losing the only place you had to learn a trade to help get you and your family out of poverty? You don't have to imagine, this happened to the Rovy Community Center and Rovy girls school in Dondori Kenya. Vulnerable girls remain at risk as we try to raise 25000 dollars to do renovations, secure the area and get clean running water to the residents of this village.

With your donation, we will significantly impact the vulnerable community and create jobs, offer training and education as a means out of poverty, and enhance community participation in-order to reduce insecurity and joblessness in the area.

Give a chance to the residents of this community to have some dignity, integrity and pride.

Can you help us raise $20,000 to dig a new well for Rovy Youth Academy in Dondori, Kenya? At Rovy, high school students learn tailoring, design, and fashion skills, preparing them to find meaningful work while staying connected to their cultural roots. But Rovy’s buildings fell into disrepair during COVID, and teachers are struggling to keep the school going.

Your support is needed to make this school a safe place where youth can learn practical and artistic skills tied to their heritage! The school’s greatest need is a new well to provide clean water. Your support will ensure Rovy students learn in an environment of integrity, dignity, and excellence. Thank you!


Our Story

Rovy Youth Academy was founded in 1990 in Dondori, Kenya and quickly became a place of refuge for many young women. Their lives have been impacted positively since the establishment of the school. Rovy boarding became a place for some of these girls to escape child marriages and domestic abuse.  At the height of success Rovy was a tailoring and secretarial training school. 

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